Who We Are

Meliora is a consumer intent digital marketing platform based in NYC that analyzes millions of signals across the web on a daily basis in order to drive profitable marketing campaigns for our elite group of Fortune 500 clients.

What We Do

We work with some of the largest digital media companies in the world. Chances are if you have used the internet you have seen our ads and been to our websites.
We are media buyers and data analysts combined.

Through our proprietary data and analytics platform we are able to analyze every KPI imaginable and develop strategies for actionable results. We then leverage those data sets to create and build powerful marketing campaigns to drive high converting and profitable marketing campaigns on behalf of our clients.

How We Do It

Meliora is a Data Engine first.
Analtyics company 2nd.
Media buying platform 3rd.
We use Machine Learning and AI to power our platform and bring actionable insights in real-time to the surface.

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